is not a goal at Meindl.
But a journey…

… which we have been on for a long time.

One step further every single day. EcoStep by EcoStep.
With craftsmanship, motivation and the strong sense of responsibility of a Bavarian family business, of over 300 years, this means for Meindl

Sustainability by tradition.

Since the first boot, we at Meindl have been committed to honest cooperation, down-to-earthness and living tradition. For our family, sustainability has always been a matter of course and this will remain so!

Lars and Lukas Meindl

The tree as a symbol of sustainability

Every tree is deeply rooted, growing and continually spreading through its branches – and is thus integrated into the cycle of nature. We at Meindl also see sustainability holistically and for this reason have developed the “9 Trees of Sustainability”, which together make up an eco-system.

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Our #MeindlEcoSteps on the example of “Meindl Identity”.

Since 2013, special aspects of sustainability have been taken into account in the identity models. The objective was and is to emphasise factors of animal welfare, ecological resource conservation as well as social aspects of regional value creation.

  • Complete traceability of the upper leather origin, from the pasture to the shoe.
  • Use of 100% upper leather from organic cattle from the Bavarian and Austrian Alpine region.
  • Species-appropriate husbandry and improved animal welfare through compliance with EU organic standards.
  • No chrome is used in the tanning process of the lining.
  • The Identity leather is CO² neutral, which is achieved by supporting reforestation projects.

Treat nature with care, live with it and experience it.

Alfons Meindl, 1960