Mounted Assembly

  1. Foam padding for a perfect fit

  2. Removable footbed

  3. Nylon inner sole

  4. Leather upper fastening

  5. EVA/PU midsole

  6. Non-slip rubber tread

Genuine double stitching

Meindl has manufactured shoes and boots of the highest quality for over 300 years.  This conviction is why we maintain the workmanship of double stitching. As high levels of experience and skill are required, only a few boot manufacturers are still profi cient in this workmanship. Double-stitched workmanship makes boots particularly stable and durable, and can be recognised by the visible double seam at the edge of the boot.


Goodyear is stitched-welt lasting. It consists of two seams. Using recessed stitching, the welt is stitched to the lip of the insole. The double seam is visible and connects the leather welt with the midsole.