Meindl Socks

The intelligent interface between shoe and foot

In order to achieve the best symbiosis between foot and shoe and to optimally support the functions of your shoe, the right socks are crucial.

Since Meindl understands the anatomy of the foot and knows the stresses feet are exposed to every day, we have developed a sock collection that meets all requirements: Our socks offer you a lot of function, the best fit, protection in the crucial areas and are therefore ideally suited for your outdoor shoes.

For love of nature.

Our socks are processed to a very high standard in order to be as durable as possible and thus naturally protect the environment.

The packaging was deliberately chosen: it consists of 100% recyclable natural paper & the retailers can send us the plastic hooks for reuse.

The socks are OEKO-TEX® Standard 100 certified and comply with the REACH regulation.

We increasingly rely on natural merino wool.

Which is 100% mulesing free.

They are also recyclable and can be sent to us for further use.

We deliberately use botanical fibers such as TENCEL™ Modal, which is obtained from the renewable resource wood.

And that with 100% MADE IN ITALY!

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We deliberately avoid cotton, which consumes enormous amounts of water during production.

Little sock lore

In order to ensure a perfect fit and a high level of comfort, we have only used high-quality, innovative yarns and manufactured them using trend-setting knitting technology. In order to be able to wear the sock for a long time, we have put together some information that will make the product more durable:

  • The size increments of the socks are matched to the respective foot length. Only use appropriate sizes.

  • Please wash the socks before wearing them for the first time. Either turn the socks inside out or place them in a laundry bag. Fabrics are always exposed to friction in the washing machine, which can damage the appearance of the socks. In addition, the sock is cleaned better from the side in direct contact with the skin.

  • Wash the socks on a gentle cycle according to the washing instructions on the sock packaging. Do not use the tumble dryer, as the socks are also affected by the friction in the drum. In addition, synthetic yarns such as polypropylene, polyamide and polyester will get statically charged and attract loose fibers that are in the drum. This does not damage the sock, but leaves an undesirable appearance.

  • Only use detergents for delicates or wool that do not attack the fibres. Bleaching agents should also be avoided, as they attack the fibers and destroy the high-quality yarns.

MT Junior

Trekking Junior

MT1 Lady /
MT1 Men


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MT3 Lady /
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Merino Light

MT3.5 Lady /
MT3.5 Men

Trekking Merino Light

MT4 Lady /
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MT6 Lady /
MT6 Men


MT8 Lady /
MT8 Men

Merino Extra

MT Hunt

Merino Extra

MT Hunt Long

Merino Extra

MT Day by Day

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