Leather with a proof of origin

With Meindl Identity®, we are revolutionizing the market once again. In 2011, we were the first shoe company worldwide to implement the concept Identity® – and with this we really hit the mark.

Customers of the Identity® models are offered detailed proof of origin on the leather upper used – which doesn‘t just come from anywhere. For Meindl Identity®, we work exclusively with raw materials, sourced from the region – for which we have all the evidence. A lot of effort is required to implement Meindl Identity®. Each and every hide has to be documented and marked. Over 200 individual steps are necessary in the production alone, until the finished boot is ready.

Simply have a look at our homepage www.identity-leder.de and test the procedure using test number 83417. You can find the Identity® numbers stamped on the inner part of the boot cuff. You can also find further information on our website about Meindl Identity® – The Original!

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