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We have been in Kirchanschöring for over 300 years and are a 9th generation family business. Always committed to sustainability, we exceed the legal environmental standards in production.  Energy efficiency and environmental awareness are our focus; we promote jobs in the region; we look to award contracts to regional companies.

  • We are a Bavarian family business that has been based in Kirchanschöring since 1683.
  • For 9 generations, a Meindl master shoemaker has been active in the village – and always committed to sustainability.
  • Maintaining regional jobs in the shoe industry and awarding contracts to regional companies (material suppliers, agencies, printers, service providers).
  • Strict compliance with legal environmental standards and beyond
  • Extended noise protection for neighbours & employees
  • Exhaust air purification system filters exhaust air emissions in production far below the legally prescribed level in Bavaria
  • Energy-efficient lighting system: changeover and conversion to LEDs
  • Regional and renewable energy: operation of the Kirchanschöring headquarters with renewable energy from the region (wood chip heating)

Lars and Lukas Meindl jointly run the family business in the 9th generation.

The original Meindl headquarters in the centre of the village. (around 1970)

Over 300 years of shoemaking in Kirchanschöring.

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Since the first boot, we at Meindl have been committed to honest cooperation, down-to-earthness and living tradition. For our family, sustainability has always been a matter of course and this will remain so!

Lukas and Lars Meindl