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Durable and robust materials from certified suppliers. We rely on the cemented and double-stitched method of manufacturing as this maintains product quality and stability. It is therefore possible to resole and repair boots and shoes. Materials are recycled where possible and these techniques maintain the tradition of shoemaking.

  • We are committed to our Bavarian roots and to shoe production in Kirchanschöring, which has continued without interruption for over 300 years.
  • The cemented and double-stitched construction is particularly important to us in order to guarantee durability stability to our boots and shoes.
  • Meindl boots and shoes can be repaired in a variety of ways and can also be resoled. This is how we extend the product life cycle of our products.
  • The choice of materials ensures durability and balance:
    • We make sure to use durable and robust materials. For leather, we rely on tanneries that meet the LWG Gold Standard (award for environmental impact in leather production).
    • We use materials with recycled parts where possible, without reducing the quality.
    • In the case of rubber, 100% of the off cutts from the rubber rand are collected and fed back into the production process.
    • The models of the Heritage Series and Houston Series have a sole that consists of up to 30% recycled material. This is obtained from the punching waste in the sole production and used for specific models without reducing the quality.
    • We pursue the goal of processing all materials without the use of harmful PFCs. This has already been implemented in many components of the shoe. (e.g. leather, shoe laces, sewing threads) and will gradually be extended to the other components on the shoe.
    • All care products used in production are free of harmful PFCs, water-based and are processed without greenhouse gases.

The products in the Meindl Identity series are particularly noteworthy: since 2013, special aspects of sustainability have been taken into account with the Identity models. The objective was and is to emphasise factors of animal welfare, ecological resource extraction and social aspects of regional value creation:

  • Complete traceability of the leather upper’s origin, from the pasture to the boot or shoe.
  • Use of 100% upper leather from organic cattle from the Bavarian and Austrian Alpine region.
  • The leathers used comply with the LWG Gold Standard.
  • Species-appropriate husbandry and improved animal welfare through compliance with EU organic standards.
  • No chrome is used in the tanning process of the lining.
  • The Identity leather is CO² neutral, which is achieved by supporting reforestation projects.

A reliable partner for all cases.

Cemented construction: for special dimensional stability, robustness and reparability.

Recycled material, used in soles, without losing quality.

The Meindl service team can carry out a wide range of shoe repairs.

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Since the first boot, we at Meindl have been committed to honest cooperation, down-to-earthness and living tradition. For our family, sustainability has always been a matter of course and this will remain so!

Lukas and Lars Meindl