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Continuous shoe production in Kirchanschöring for over 300 years; a clear commitment to Germany as a production location; reliance on our production sites in Europe; product development and administration in house; good working conditions for our employees; and of course continuous development of environmental standards including elimination of harmful PFCs in all materials. All this on the basis of the Meindl Code of Conduct. This is how we move forward step by step.

  • Clear commitment to Germany as a production location and to the company headquarters in Kirchanschöring, without interruption, for over 300 years.
  • All models are completely developed in-house, from the last to the sole, and finalised for production.
  • The production of our shoes mainly takes place in our own factories in Europe.
  • We rely on short transport routes for the required materials and work together with long-standing partners.
  • We are constantly developing our production facilities, taking particular account of aspects of environmental protection and sustainability.
  • The labour and environmental standards of production are constantly being improved, up to certification according to ISO90001 and continuing for the environmental standards according to ISO 14001:
    • Improving solvent-free sole adhesives.
    • Steady increase in the use of recycled materials in production.
    • Trimming-optimising processes to reduce production waste.
  • Reducing waste and encouraging recycling have always been a priority. This applies to the use of raw materials as well as to packaging and auxiliary materials.
  • In the course of the modernisation of the Kirchanschöring site, the company switched to regional and regenerative energy: Operation of the Kirchanschöring headquarters with woodchip heating.
  • We use catalytic post-combustion to remove solvent residues from the production exhaust air.
  • Transition to energy-efficient lighting system (LED)
  • The shoes are treated in production exclusively with care products that are water-based, PFC-free and contain no greenhouse gases.
  • We ensure good working conditions at our production sites: all Meindl production sites follow the Meindl Code of Conduct.

Double-stitched design: Tradition, Made in Bavaria.

Cemented construction: dimensionally stable, robust, resoleable.

Meindl shoes are made by hand.

Quality control before packing in Kirchanschöring.

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Since the first boot, we at Meindl have been committed to honest cooperation, down-to-earthness and living tradition. For our family, sustainability has always been a matter of course and this will remain so!

Lukas and Lars Meindl